Workers at the State’s Worst Care Facility Find New Life
Chicago Tribune | July 26, 2010
Months after the state closed a beleaguered adult care facility, everyone found new jobs.

Charitable Gifts Under Fire
Chicago Tribune | January 31, 2011
In an era of frugality for Chicago’s public school system, its board presidents spent big.

A Politician’s Mounting Debt
Chicago Tribune | January 17, 2011
The Chicago school system cracks down on a delinquent state representative.

Land Grab
Chicago Tribune | June 30, 2010
Rural residents fight the state seizing land for an airport that may never come.

Foreign Prisoners Invade Heartland
Chicago Tribune | November 15, 2009
President Obama’s controversial plan to ship Guantanamo Bay prisoners to rural Illinois receives a surprisingly warm welcome.

New Schools Chief Arrives in Legal Limbo
Chicago Tribune | April 22, 2011
The new mayor’s choice to lead Chicago Public Schools comes with some baggage.