Midnight Calm
Chicago Tribune | April 26, 2009
On the night shift with a hospital chaplain determined to keep the faith

A Family Mystery Laid to Rest
Chicago Tribune | November 5, 2010
A Chicago woman reconnects with a long-lost family member, a hundred years later.

A Refuge for the Jobless
Chicago Tribune | August 11, 2009
The state’s jobless looking for solace in get-away retreats.

A Nun’s Life
Chicago Tribune | February 25, 2009
A look inside a secret order of Nuns on the outskirts of Chicago.

A Piano Man Confronts Blindness
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | September 10, 2007
A local jazz legend faces the loss of his eyesite and an uncertain future.

A Boy in the Ring
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | May 6, 2007
The surreal world of youth amateur boxing.

Born to the Land
Chicago Tribune | May 4, 2008
Seven generations of farmers in one Illinois family.

Hummer Enthusiasts Prepare for the Worst
Chicago Tribune | March 17, 2010
The final days of the infamous Hummer brand.

In Hockey Town, a Man of the Cloth
Chicago Tribune | May 28, 2010
As the Chicago Blackhawks return to the Stanley Cup, die hard fans get their due.