A Hotel of Unkept Promises
Chicago Tribune | March 16, 2008
One man’s frustrating battle to class up a slice of rural America.

Families Fight Prison Closure
Chicago Tribune | March 26, 2008
A prison closure is a hardship for families already facing hard times.

Growing Concern
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | February 14, 2006
On the street with an immigrant flower vender in the lead up to Valentines Day.

Unearthing History
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | April 23, 2006
A small Florida town and lingering questions about race.

A Hurricane’s Toll
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | December 25, 2006
A family’s life is turned upside down in one of South Florida’s poorest communities.

Al Capone’s Home Goes on the Market
Chicago Tribune | December 25, 2008

Veterans of Two Wars
Chicago Tribune | November 11, 2008
A handful of Illinois veterans served in Iraq and Vietnam

Civil War-era Maps Shed Light on County’s History
Chicago Tribune | November 15, 2008
Crumbling relics uncovered in a forgotten archive room.

Unpaved Paradise
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | June 19, 2006
In rural south Florida, even a decision to pave roads stirs emotions.

Doctors and Drugs
Chicago Tribune | December 13, 2010
A respected doctor speaks out about drug use in the medical community.

City Teachers Show Signs of Post Traumatic Stress
Chicago Tribune | July 2, 2012
Teachers in troubled city schools face violence on the job.

A Teen Turns Life Around
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | November 22, 2007
A Riveria Beach nonprofit keeps teens from falling through the cracks.

A Stolen Identity, A Life Saved
Chicago Tribune | August 22, 2008
A suburban Chicago man steals the identity of a disabled friend to pay for heart surgery that saves his life.

Disabled Often Targets of Identity Theft
Chicago Tribune | September 18, 2008
An ex-con steals the identity of the disable man he cares for to pay for health care, buy houses and cars.

A 9/11 Conspirator Faces the Judge 
Los Angeles Times | May 1, 2009
The confusing and complicated trial of an alleged 9/11 conspirator comes to surprising end.