The Fighter
Chicago Tribune | September 11, 2011
In the battle over teachers rights in Chicago, a union president stands tall against a formidable new mayor.

A Teacher’s New Role
Chicago Tribune | March 8, 2011
A Haitian-born transplant from New York takes command of the Chicago school system.

Years of Reform, Little Progress for Minority Students
Chicago Tribune | November 14, 2011
In Chicago, the achievement gap between white and African-American students is widening despite years of reform.

Teaching Profession Looking For a Few Good Men
Chicago Tribune | August 19, 2009
Fewer male teachers inside K-12 classrooms in Chicago, Illinois

Truancy on the Rise in Chicago, Suburbs
Chicago Tribune | November 2, 2011
Millions poured into programs to curb truancy have failed to deliver.

Charter Schools Miss the Grade
Chicago Tribune | November 30, 2011
For all the fanfare surrounding charter schools, few in Chicago have lived up to the hype.

Chicago’s New School Leadership Vows to Fix Past Mistakes
Chicago Tribune | August 19, 2011
Fueled by a powerful new mayor, a team of education reformers tries to remake Chicago’s troubled public school system.

Schools Forced to Ban Lunches From Home
Chicago Tribune | April 11, 2011
To encourage health eating, some city schools don’t allow meals from home.

Stabbing at Alternative School Stokes Worries
Chicago Tribune | March 2, 2012
A student is arrested after the stabbing of another at a South Side school for troubled teens.

Parents, Teacher Combat the Dreaded Summer Slide
Chicago Tribune | June 12, 2013
Teachers say time away from school can still be full of learning.

Charter Schools Fights Teacher Unionization 
Chicago Tribune | February 22, 2011
Chicago charter school argues it’s private while receiving millions in public money.

In Fight With Teachers Union, District Abruptly Lengthens the School Day
Chicago Tribune | September 2, 2011
Mayor Rahm Emanuel goes for the juggular by pushing to lengthen the school amid teacher union ire.

Chicago’s Short School Day Not Unusual 
Chicago Tribune | September 13, 2011
Many suburban school districts have short schools days like CPS.

With Strike Looming, Chicago’s Teachers Fight For Hefty Raises
Chicago Tribune | February 17, 2012
Chicago’s teachers enter tense contract negotiations asking for a 30% raise.

Rahm’s Approach Echoes Former Mayor Daley
Chicago Tribune | July 31, 2012
In a diffcult spot with teachers, Mayor Rahm Emanuel seeks to find common ground.

Chicago’s Teachers Strike for First Time in 25 Years.
Chicago Tribune | September 10, 2012
Angered by contract concessions and aggressive approach from mayor, Chicago’s school teachers walk out.

Teachers Strike Settles into Tense Second Day
Chicago Tribune | September 11, 2012
More than 400,000 Chicago school children locked out for a second day, more to come.

Pressure Builds on Both Sides As Strike Drags On
Chicago Tribune | September 13, 2012
In a diffcult spot with teachers, Mayor Rahm Emanuel seeks to find common ground.

Head of Chicago Teachers Union Rose Through the Ranks
National Public Radio – All Things Considered  | September 12, 2012

Chicago Newsroom Appearance | August 16, 2012