Echoes of War
Chicago Tribune | June 3, 2009
What remains of the filthy, and often deadly, arsenal manufacturing plants outside Chicago.

Invasive Fish; it’s what’s for Dinner
Los Angeles Times | January 16, 2010
Asian carp are a major threat to Chicago’s Great Lakes, but they’re tasty too.

A Bitter Harvest
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | January 7, 2007
South Florida farmers squeezed by rising costs and development pressures.

In the Wake of the Sea Lamprey
Los Angeles Times | March 24, 2010
Environmental scientists learning from past successes in battle against Asian Carp.

Lake Michigan as Crime Scene
Chicago Tribune | January 24, 2010
Scientists track the elusive Asian carp.

Mountains of Manure
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | October 8, 2007
In horse-crazed South Florida, communities come to grips with what’s left behind.

Waste Deep
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | November 12, 2006
As mountains of trash pile up, South Florida’s landfills are running out of space.

Solar Energy Lacking in the Sunshine State
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | July 5, 2007
In sunny South Florida, government shows little interest in expanding solar power.

A Crack Down on Water Users
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | May 31, 2007
As South Florida runs dry, law enforcement fines residents for watering their lawns.

Illinois’ State Fish Wreaks Havoc in Japan
Chicago Tribune | November 29, 2007
Illinois’ humble bluegill, a gift to Japan’s Emperor, swims unchallenged in foreign waters.

A Fly Joins the Fight Against Invasives in South Florida
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | October 13, 2007
Scientists get creative in the Everglades.

A Plan to Reverse the Chicago River. Again
Chicago Tribune | June 27, 2010
Worry over Asian Carp forces city leaders, engineers to think big.

Carp Head to Court
Chicago Tribune | August 23, 2010
A legal showdown to halt the march of Asian Carp into Lake Michigan.